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  • elie*** mackerel,100 bucks for such a beauty?
  • cana*** expect a solid phone like this under $150!
  • Prk1*** want one!
  • sier*** C NOTE definitely has the best metal unibody design!
  • tana*** have friends that have owned UMI and love your devices, C Note looks great to me.
  • v.ko*** C-Note is one of the best! you have win my heart!!The design is perfect and simple and give you the protection that the materials is crafted with love for the customers!!Keep up the good work!!
  • vlor*** Note is looking so chic and sleek!
  • rtwi*** C note, best metal unibody design, also the design is so perfect. #UMIDIGICNOTE #UMiOfficial
  • info*** Absolutely amazing device
  • dora*** at that sleekness!! I want it so bad!
  • mvwe*** craftmanship given the Dual 3D cutting edge, precise curvs, narrow bezel in a full metal unibody design.
  • Inon*** C Note is an Android 7.0 Smartphone!!
  • rnit*** me the best metal unibody i've ever seen is is Umidigi C Note.. Compare to the other smartphone the umidigi c note is a solid full metal.
  • cris*** so premium,3800mAh battery is superb!
  • ajee*** it's so worth of my money!
  • Tech*** design, well built!
  • paolo*** is a great looking device right now in the market.
  • gino_*** love the design n specification, I really like it!!
  • senc*** looking! Really like it, impressive!

- Leave a comment about your favourite C Note feature.
- Be creative. Best comment wins!
- This contest will be ended by 9th May.
- Winner will be annouced on this campagin page on 10th May.
- This is an international giveaway.
- We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.


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Because you deserve better!

We believe that every phone deserves a well-built body with premium design and materials, it shall not be the privilege of those pricy phones.
We determine to make it happen, regardless of the difficulties and controversy, because our users deserve it!
This is the concept behind making the C Note, a premium full metal unibody is thus incarnated into its final form.

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