Colorful Alarm Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker
HiFi Sound Quality, Tailored For You
As a multifunctional 52mm Stereo Bluetooth speaker, Uwake is especially outstanding in bass effect. Supports Bluetooth 5.0, more efficient data transmission brings better music playback experience and sound quality, a rare leisure music companion for you.
  Bluetooth 5.0
  Excellent Sound Quality
Super Shock Bass Effecf
52mm Sterso Speaker
A Sunrise Alarm Clock with Snooze Function
The wake-up light will be on from 1% of the brightness to 100%, it turns on 10 minutes before the alarm time to bring you out of deep sleep gently to welcome a refreshed day, and sunset function will guide you to natural, restful sleep.
Snooze Mode
When the alarm clock sounds, it lasts 3.5 minutes, Ignore or tap any button to get 9 more minutes slight sleep.
7 Colors Atmosphere Lamp
With 7 Colors Atmosphere Light,You can change all kinds of colors when you listen to music, bring an immersive music experience!
6 kinds of Sleep Music to Help You Fall Asleep
In sleep mode, short press +/- button to switch 6 kinds of sleep music, long press +/- button shell to adjust sleep aid volume
  • Summer night
  • wind
  • wave
  • night rain
  • water
  • heartbeat
Please turn off the Bluetooth connection first, and press and hold the icon to turn on/off the sleep mode.Short press for 5 seconds icon to select a 15/30/60 minutes sleep aid time.