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Personalized Watch Faces | Lightweight Aluminum Design
Blood Oxygen(SpO2) Monitoring | 3-Axis E-compass
*This product is NOT intended as a medical device. The measurement data and results are for reference only, and are not used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment.
Blood Oxygen(SpO2) Monitoring
Health Tracker at Your Wrist
The blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor tracks oxygen saturation levels in the bloodstream so you can assess how your body is absorbing oxygen.
The following people are recommended to pay attention to blood oxygen levels: high-intensity mental workers, elderly people, sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, and snoring people.
24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Notice Your Every Beat
All-day heart rate tracking helps to track your heart rate, notice anything unusual and keep you safe and healthy.
Sleep Tracking
Care Your Sleeping Quality
Sleep analysis technology can help you track your sleep data, record and identify your REM, light sleep time and deep sleep time.
Rapid eye movement(REM)
An important sleep stage that allows the body to recover
Full Color Touch Display with Aluminum Design
Ultra lightweight Design for More Comfort
The Uwatch 3S makes you feel light and comfortable with any occasion due to the lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum design. The full color touch display paired with 2.5 curved glass for a better viewing experience.
Your Watch Face, You Design
Personalized Watch Faces
Get the watch truly fit for you, use your own photo as the watch face, it allows you to fully express your personality and is not limited to regular choices.
3-Axis E-compass
Give Your Direction
Featuring the built-in advanced three-axis E-compass, the Uwatch 3S has a great sense of direction.
Outstanding Battery Performance
for Up to 15 Days
The Uwatch 3S has a breakthrough battery performance with a high-efficiency chipset and a low power-consumption system. Up to 15-day in daily use mode and 45-day in basic watch mode.
Note: Battery life may vary according to usage, settings, and other factors, so the actual results may differ from the given data.
14 Sport Modes
Track You Every Move
The Uwatch 3S provides 14 modes and shows you many kinds of workout data to help you achieve sports goals better.
5 ATM Water Resistance
No Worries in Swimming
Uwatch 3S is waterproof up to 50 meters, with 5 ATM waterproof rating.You can wear the Uwatch 3S when swimming since it has a super waterproof ability.
5ATM Suitable for Not suitable for
- Splashes
- Swimming
- Rain or snow
- Snorkeling
- Scuba diving
- High-speed watersports
- Diving into water
- Hot water shower
Remote Music Control & Photography
Control music playback and take photos right from your wrist.
Friendly Reminders and
Weather Forecasts
Stay connected with your life, Uwatch 3S has useful reminder functionality. The alarm clock, timer and weather forecast make your life more convenient.
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